Becoming a Blogger

I have never been, nor do I feel I will ever be, a graceful person. When I was little, I always wanted to be a ballerina. Every year at Christmas, the Nutcracker Ballet would captivate me. I longed to have those long lean lines, move with that elegant ease, leap and twirl on my toes. But alas, that was not in my future. I am short. I am flat footed. I am overweight. And the biggest problem with my ballerina dreams: I have the grace of an elephant. Seriously. My knees and elbows are crazy scarred from the scuffs and scrapes of my childhood. My arms bear burn scars from my numerous run-ins with hot cookies sheets and irons. I’m really surprised my toes aren’t all wonky from their almost constant stubbing. I’m just plain clumsy. So instead of applying myself to dance, I focused on my studies. I graduated top of my class in high-school, college, and postgraduate courses. I have a job that I really enjoy, and yet…

“I would love to be a blogger.” It’s a sentence I have found myself saying more and more over the past year. But every time I sit down in front of my laptop to actually start a blog I feel overwhelmed and intimidated. Something about that blank screen and limitless possibilities… I’m one of those people who likes to have everything in order before I begin. That means that before I can blog, I must first find a theme I like. A theme that makes me happy to look at. A theme that gives the feeling that I want my blog to convey…. but that leads to trying to figure out what that feeling is, and have you seen the number of blog templates you can download? There. Are. Millions! (Not counting if you design and code your own). I’ve tried to go through this process in the past with very little success. If I ever did get a blog set up, I couldn’t maintain my writing and lost my motivation. But  now, it’s come to a point where I can’t just keep saying “I would love to be a blogger” – if I truly want this to happen, I’ve got to start writing. I won’t sit idly by anymore.

So I’ve been wondering around other blogs trying to see what makes for a great first post… and I’ve found a mixed bag of ideas. Some blogs ignore the first post and pretend they’ve been writing for years. Some give a general “about me” post, and several, myself included, just can’t figure out what to write. So, I do believe the best thing to do is end this post – get the initial “Here I am, World” out of the way and move onto the witty, interesting, and passionate writing that I want my blog to embody.

I hope you will follow along with me as I continue to navigate the world with elephant grace.

2 thoughts on “Becoming a Blogger

  1. Hez says:

    I know exactly how you feel! And it was one of those things (if you look at my blog’s first date, and the date of the other entries) I struggled with too! I had started, but then wasn’t sure where I wanted to go, then finally decided something was better than nothing. You have to start some place, and then you go from there. I also believe that your blog is as rigid as you want, or as ever changing as you want. It can be themed, or have a mess of different ideas. And that’s the uniqueness I’ve found with others blogs. It’s an adventure 🙂


    • admin says:

      Thanks! This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, I’ve just struggled with how to start. I finally just had to go – ok now or never! I’ve got some ideas of what I want it to evolve into, but I’m going to be super flexible with that, too. Thanks again for the encouraging words!


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