My Smart, Beautiful, Creative Compassion Girls!

I’ve had the awesome experience of being a sponsor to two amazing little girls through Compassion International.  If you’ve never heard of them, Compassion International is a child development and sponsorship program that works through local churches to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.  Through this program, I provide financial support to enable my girls to receive education, health care,  and Christian training. I also help them develop social skills and their sense of worth by exchanging letters and photos. So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to my Compassion Children:

Helen Angela – Peru

Helen Angela

Originally sponsored through my church’s Awana program, I’ve been Helen Angela’s correspondent for five years. In October, 2011, when my church underwent financial struggles, I moved Helen Angela to my account and became her financial sponsor. Helen Angela is a very smart young lady who happens to be a rather talented young artist as well. (She won first place in an art contest at her project!) She enjoys playing with her younger siblings and would like to have a dove for a pet.




Emily – Ecquador

Emily, the wonderful little girl from Ecuador that I sponsor through Compassion InternationalI’ve only been Emily’s sponsor for a few short months, but she has already won my heart. She is a very happy little girl whose favorite color is pink. Like Helen, Emily also has a passion for art and likes to paint in her free time.





When beginning my sponsorship I had NO idea how much these two little girls would help me. I never expected to be so happy to get that cream-colored letter in the mail. Never expected to be so attached to two little girls that I’ve never met. Never expected to be so blessed by ones that have so little. Never expected them to change my life. But they have.

Will you release a child from poverty? I ask you, please take a moment and look at the faces of the many children still waiting for a sponsor.  Would you help?

13 thoughts on “My Smart, Beautiful, Creative Compassion Girls!

  1. Amanda L says:

    Hi Emily,

    Welcome to the blogging world! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog, too. I pray that God continues to solidify your vocation as a sponsor with Compassion International. Your two little girls are so precious, and I completely understand how they have blessed your lives so fully!

    I will have to look for you on OC. Thanks for posting!

    In Christ,


    • admin says:

      Hi Amanda! Thanks for the welcome! After reading your blog post I really did have an ah-ha moment! :0) I’ve recently turned in my advocate application for Compassion and all of this seems to just fit, you know? You should definitely find me on OC! Thanks, for the comments and for checking out my new blogging adventure!


    • admin says:

      Thanks, Hez! They are precious. Helen Angela will be 11 in December, and Emily is 5. Emily is always very happy in her letters (Though I’ve only gotten 2 so far, but that’s because she hasn’t gotten many of my letters yet….*guilty of being a lame sponsor until last month* Helen is always happy in her writing, too, but I have never gotten a picture of her smiling… I hope that changes.


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