Josué: The Compassionate Captain

Since you’ve met my smart, beautiful, creative Compassion Girls, I figure it’s about time you meet Josué, my compassionate captain.

Josué is my correspondent child through Compassion International. This means that someone else sponsors him financially, but, for some reason or another, they cannot or do not want to write him. That’s where I come in – I write Josué letters, send him encouragement, and, in general, take an active interest in his life.

I signed up to be a correspondent after reading several blog posts by Michelle, JD, and others. I’ll tell you, once you sponsor a child and truly start to build a relationship with them, sponsoritis hits you hard. It became very difficult to avoid sponsoring another child, even though I knew that it wasn’t financially responsible of me right now. Then I learned about correspondent sponsors. For me, it began as a way to add a child and make a difference in their life without the extra monetary expense. However, my correspondent sponsorship has evolved, and I have learned that there are some considerable risks associated with being a correspondent sponsor – primarily, you could lose your correspondent child for a number of reasons: The financial sponsor might stop funding (afterall, they don’t have the relationship with the child, so likely, they’re not as deeply invested in the child as the correspondent) or the financial sponsor may decide to start writing the child. So, while I can’t prevent the sponsor from wanting to take Josué back from me, I can make sure I’m in a position to pick up his sponsorship if the need arises.

Anyway, I digress, back to introducing Josué 🙂

Josué has 4 brothers and 1 sister. One of his brothers, Joel, is Josué’s twin! Josué’s hobbies include ball games (like soccer and espcially baseball – he’s the captain of his team and the pitcher!), and cooking. He really likes to make desserts. (I do believe we’d get along just fine – I LOVE to eat dessert and I’m sure he’ll need someone to taste test all of his fine cuisine! 😉 ). To further show the awesomeness of God, Josué’s birthday is the day before mine! Finally, I’m asking you to take a moment and say a quick prayer for Josué’s mother, who has some problems with her health.

I just can’t wait to learn more about Josué through his letters! By  now, he should be getting the first of many of my letters to him, and thankfully, Ecuador is already using the reciprocal system!

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