Operation Christmas Child – Shoe Boxes Go!

This is the first year I’ve participated in Operation Christmas Child (OCC), and I am especially grateful to Michelle and Jessica for sharing about the program on their blogs. Without those posts, I would have never noticed, much less participated, in this wonderful act of sharing.

Recently, OCC shared this video on their facbook wall. It’s a must see for anyone packing a shoe box this year. The sheer joy on this boy’s face says it all:

Video Link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlxeSDXb_YM

*desperately looking for a tissue here*

On Saturday, my Dad and I loaded up our 8 shoeboxes and headed to LifeWay. Wouldn’t you know it, the very week I began gathering boxes and supplies, I received a mailer from LifeWay stating that they were an OCC drop-off location and would be taking boxes on November 12? (As if I needed another reason to believe that God wanted me to do this) God is so good y’all!

I always want to know what everyone else puts in their boxes, so without further adieu, here are My Boxes and their contents:

8 OCC Boxes Packed and Ready to Go

Box 1: Girl’s Box, ages 5-9

OCC Box 1Contents Include: 1 fleece blanket, 1 tote bag, 1 plastic garden rake, pencils, sticker book, travel toothcare kit (brush, paste, brush cap, & bag), comb, 3 washcloth bunnies, hair bands, butterfly hair clips, lip balm, socks, ivory soap, dum-dum suckers, Christmas card, Photo of me, self-addressed and stamped envelope, pencil sharpener, LED flashlight, glittery bear key chain, motivational quote small cards, and calculator







Box 2: Boy’s Box, Ages 5-9 

OCC Box 2

Contents Include: fleece blanket, toothbrush, toothpaste, tote bag, underwear, stickers, notepad, pencils, pens, pencil sharpener, Action Bible comic book, harmonica, combs, LCD flashlight, dum-dum suckers, Ivory soap, dental floss picks, jungle parachute animals, rhino shaped eraser toy, chapstick, Christmas card, Photo of me, self-addressed and stamped envelope, and calculator








Box 3: Boy’s Box, Ages 10-14

OCC Box 3

Contents Include: tote bag, underwear, screw driver set, screws, bolts, highlighters, pencils, pencil sharpener, LCD flashlight, NERF ball, calculator, notepad, combs, first-aid kit, ivory soap, toothbrush travel kit, dum-dum suckers, compressed washcloth, Christmas card, Photo of me, & self-addressed and stamped envelope







Box 4: Boy’s Box, Ages 5-9

OCC Box 4

Contents Include: tote bag, plastic garden shovel, spiderman coloring book, crayon; filtered water bottle filled with parachute jungle animals, hot wheels car, harmonica, pencil sharpener, sports ball whistles, & pencils; underwear, socks, first aid kit, dum-dum suckers, comb, woopie cushion, compressed wash cloth, elephant toy, bible verse cards, zebra eraser toy, Christmas card, Photo of me, & self-addressed and stamped envelope







Box 5: Boy’s Box ages 10-14

OCC Box 5

Contents Include: Plastic garden rake, t-shirt, tote bag, notepad, sticker book, pencils, crayons, underwear, comb, screws, screwdriver set, ivory soap, bible verse cards, LCD flashlight, elephant toy, first aid kit, lip balm, compressed washcloth, handkerchiefs, sports ball whistles, toothbrush travel kit, solar calculator, pencil sharpener, Christmas card, Photo of me, & self-addressed and stamped envelope








Box 6: Girl’s Box, Ages 5-9

OCC Box 6

Contents Include: fleece blanket, tote bag, jump rope, star wands, pencils, sticker books, pencil sharpener, crayons, story book, crayons, chapstick, pens, plastic jewel rings, hair bands, purse, ivory soap, socks, dum-dum suckers,  bible verse cards, Christmas card, Photo of me, & self-addressed and stamped envelope








Box 7: Boy’s Box ages 5-9

OCC Box 7

 Contents Include: tote bag, sticker book, filtered water bottle, slinky socks, space flash cards, note pad, action Bible comic book, woopie cushion, wash cloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, pencil sharpener, pens, pencils, hot wheels car, jungle parachute animals, ivory soap, underwear, nerf ball, LCD flashlight, bible verse cards, dum-dum suckers, Christmas card, Photo of me, & self-addressed and stamped envelope







Somehow I forgot to take a photo of what all was in the 8th box, but it was a Girl’s Box ages 5-9, and had much of the same items as the boxes above.

11 thoughts on “Operation Christmas Child – Shoe Boxes Go!

  1. Kayla says:

    I think this video just made my heart explode.

    I’m glad people like you exist. Thank you for making 8 children have a wonderful Christmas.


  2. Jill Foley says:

    These look great! I’ve been doing these for at least 10 years now and it’s hard for me to realize people still might not know about this. I’m so glad you found out – AND participated.

    Tonight I am delivering the 55 boxes our church put together. I was expecting 5-10 and was BLOWN AWAY when we filled 55!

    God is good!


    • Emily says:

      I just started couponing and got a lot of cheap to free stuff that way. Theres even a couponing blog specifically for OCC. Ill look it up and post the link as soon as I get a better connection. Im on the road right now.


  3. theresa mezo says:

    I loved getting a peek inside your boxes! I have always wondered what others pack for their OCC boxes, so glad that you are blessing so many kids this year! We always do 2 boxes, one from each of our kids. I was wondering though, how do you estimate the postage on your return envelopes, I would love to include that in our boxes this year! 🙂


    • Emily says:

      Thanks! I love seeing in boxes, too. As for the postage, I actually picked a random country and used the postage estimator at USPS.com. It came out to about $1.50 so I put $1.50-$2 per envelope. Hope that helps 🙂


  4. Aadel says:

    Underwear! I used to love getting a fresh pack of undies in my stocking for Christmas! (does that make me weird?) I can’t believe I never thought of that! Those boxes are awesomesauce!


    • Emily says:

      Fresh undies are the best! LOL 🙂 and every where I read about children getting their OCC boxes, what sticks out to me as the most boring thing to include – the things kids here dread getting – those are the items that these kids love the most – clean socks, new underwear, shoes, school supplies. It really puts it all in perspective.


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