10 Things to Do & Not To Do During Letter Drought

Each Tuesday I’ll be joining ohamanda by posting a top ten list. The list might be tips, crafts, hints, favorites, or anything that sparks my interest. Enjoy!

This week, while I’ve gotten a couple of droplet letters, I still consider myself in the middle of a letter drought. And you know, this waiting is hard stuff – and never really one of my strong suits. So, while I’ve been waiting…and waiting…and waiting (what seems like ages!) I’ve compiled a top 10 list of things to do and not to do during the letter drought. I hope you find them useful 🙂

1.Pray – Seek God during when youre feeling discouraged. I have no doubt that He has a plan, we simply have to listen and obey.

2. Write Your Child – many of Compassion Internationals service countries are reciprocal countries, meaning for each letter you write, you should get a letter in return (up to a certain limit). Plus, Compassion now has that really handy online writing tool to make letter writing a breeze. Honestly, I feel so much closer to my kids when I write them – even in the middle of a letter drought. For ideas on what you can write about, see Michelles blog, Blogging from the Boonies.

3. Stay Away From the Sponsor A Child Page – I know, I know, I should be advocating for children to be sponsored, but, unless you are feeling called there, or you know you have the extra funds, The Compassion Sponosorship page is a dangerous place during letter droughts.

4. Consider Correspondent Sponsorship – If you simply MUST add another child during your drought, but do not have the funds, consider becoming a correspondent sponsor. BUT, be aware that correspondent sponsorship has its own set of challenges: financial sponsors can choose to write their child again at any time, financial sponsors can also stop sponsoring at any time. If you decide to become a correspondent sponsor, have a plan in place just in case the financial sponsor no longer wants to sponsor the child. Will you be able to pick up sponsorship? Or find a sponsor who will let you continue to write the child?

5. Don’t Lose HopeLetters have a long way to travel, and a lot to go through before they get to us. Don’t give up on your letters or your child.

6. Check the Calendar – Look ahead 2-3 months. Is there a holiday coming up? If yes, then its time to start prepping those holiday mailings. (For instance, it’s December now which means I need to get my Valentine’s Day cards in the mail asap)

7. Follow Fellow Sponsors Blogs– When letters are few and far between for you, share in the love sent to other sponsors. Some of my favorite shared letters mail calls include: JD’s Ato Sam, Heather’s Mail Call posts, De’s Mail Call Posts, Michelle’s Precious, Jill’s Judith, Amanda’s Comfort, Janelle’s Present Quest, and, of course, Compassion’s own blog.

8. Join OurCompassion – This social-networking site is specifically for Compassion Sponsors and is an invaluable tool for encouragement and ideas.

9. Read past letters – Hopefully you’ve gotten some letters from your Compassion Children before now – unless you’re drought is due to a new sponsorship and you’re waiting on that exciting first letter. (If that’s the case, go back to #7 and repeat. 🙂 ) Otherwise, go back over your previous letters, look closely at the words and drawings. Perhaps you’ll notice something you missed the first time around.

10. Don’t Stop Writing – Just because you are in a letter drought does not mean your sponsored child should be. Therefore, it’s worth repeating: write to your child. This really is the one thing that truly helps me during a drought. And, while I do not want to overwhelm my sponsored kids with letters, I do want to shower them in love. Therefore, during a letter drought, I might take particular care when writing my letters, spending a couple of days making sure they are just right, coloring a page to go along with the letter, or picking out the perfect card or stickers to go with my words. Just dont let perfection come in the way of writing. When it comes down to it, my words are worth far more to my kids than the stickers or coloring pages.

*****EDIT: If you have not heard from your sponsored child in 6 months or more, please DO contact Compassion. At a minimum you should be receiving 3 letters a year (roughly 4 months apart); so if it’s been longer than that let Compassion know.

Well, that’s my list of 10 things to do and not to do during a letter drought. Did I leave anything out? If you have suggestions on how to cope with that dreaded letter drought, Id love to hear them!

2 thoughts on “10 Things to Do & Not To Do During Letter Drought

  1. Yvonne says:

    What a great list! I finally did call to have a field inquiry done for Lina in Colombia. The last letter we received from her was dated in April and we received it in May. Been praying for her and her family.


    • Emily says:

      Thanks! And thats a very good point, if you havent heard from them in such a long time then you definitely should call for a field inquiry. When I get to a regular computer (not my phone) I will add that to the list. I hope you hear from Lina soon and that everything is ok! Let me know what you find out 🙂


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