5k training update

I know you haven’t seen me around here lately, I’ve been pretty busy in my day-to-day life and honestly, haven’t had much motivation to write. I’ve been training for my 5k, but I opted to just walk it since it’s the very first race I’ve ever attempted. Currently, my time has decreased to just under an hour, with me averaging about a 19 minute mile.

I’m also working on several ‘crafty’ projects that I’m excited to share about – but none of them are ready to be featured here -yet. They are coming though, I promise 🙂

So, if you don’t hear from me very often over the next few weeks, don’t fret. I haven’t gone anywhere, I’m just working on getting stuff ready to share 🙂

Speaking of sharing, Jill over at Compassion Family posted a video from Compassion International’s website that you should totally go watch if you sponsor a child. It details the process a letter goes through from the child to the sponsor.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a quick update, so I’m off to finish some of those projects!

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