I finished an Official 5k Race!

I did it! Saturday, in just under an hour (59:45) I walked across the finish line of my first official 5k!

Relay for Life 5k

It was a booger to complete (umm hills anyone? and not just hills but H-I Double L HILLS! for the entire first mile!) My legs were on fire and I was constantly  asking myself “why on earth did I sign up to do this, again?” But, after that first mile the endorphins kicked in and It got better. I was able to get in a groove of sorts. I stopped worrying about people passing me, and started focusing on finishing. My goal became – “just don’t be the last one”

I didn’t want to be that one person walking in front of the cop car signaling the end of the racers. So I put my head down and focused on one step at a time (of course blaring Disney music helps 🙂  hello classic Disney musicals, you always make me happy)

In the last half-mile I even started to pass a few people! And then I saw it – the entirely HUGE screen keeping the time, and it was at 59 minutes. I could make it in under an hour! So I stepped up my pace for the last few yards and came in just under my goal time. (my original goal was going to be something like 45 minutes, but with the hills, that went out the window fast)

My amazing friend, Jessica, went with me to cheer me on, and was able to get the above photo after I finished. We then quickly went to Cracker Barrel for way too many calories of breakfast (I’ll just count that as carb loading….right 😉 )

Jessica and I are also looking ahead. Ever heard of the Disney Princess Half Marathon? We’re looking to run it next Feburary! 13.1 miles through the Disney World Parks?! How exciting is that! Plus, we’ve got nearly an entire year to train (which I am so going to need.) First step: being able to run that 5k. After that, it’s all about endurance…

This is going to be one crazy summer! I hope you’ll come along for the ride!

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