My Ecuadorian Baseball Player

Apologies up front – I meant to get this posted yesterday for Mailcall Monday, but it just didn’t happen. I’m knee deep in VBS at my new church this week and it’s been a process to adjust to such a big congregation. I’m loving it, but it’s taking a toll, too. Tonight’s my last night to teach the Missions class – prayers would be appreciated 🙂


Well friends, I’m in the middle of a letter down pour and it is AWESOME!!

If you remember, I shared last Monday about the 3 letters my sweet Emily from Ecuador had already sent me this month. She really is a letter writing wiz-kid!

Emily, the wonderful little girl from Ecuador that I sponsor through Compassion International

Anyway, when I checked the mailbox last Friday, I was surprised to find another letter from her 🙂 (I don’t think there will ever come a day when I’m NOT surprised to find a letter from my sponsored kids in my box – even when I’m expecting them, it’s still like a dream until I hold their words in my hands)

In this letter, Emily writes:

Dear Emily, May God bless your life and your family. I am well. Thank you for your help and for the letters, cards, stickers, and photos that you sent me. It is ot here and it is raining. Today I started school. My favorite subject is drawing. My family and I are well and thankful. It does snow here, just in the sierra, where I live is the coast. Thank you for what you do for me. I am praying for you, that you are well.

With Love, Emily

This letter has a ton of good information in it! She wrote it on April 16, which tells me that I need to mail her “back to school” themed letters in January. I’m also happy to hear that her favorite subject is drawing. It’s something that I can relate to – being an artist, myself. 🙂

There was also another, very cool little thing about her letter. A small blue heart-shaped sticker. A sticker that I had sent her, she sent it back with love. She used the small gift to decorate a letter that she may never see again. Big smiles here.

Sticker back from Ecuador

On Saturday, I woke up early and went to my maternal grandmother’s house with a bucket full of ripe tomatoes and a mission to leave with canned goodness to use this winter. While there, my grandmother mention her sink was leaking, and, since it was just like the sink at my house, I called my Dad to see if he would come over and fix it. When he got there, I jokingly asked him if I had another letter in the mail – I was NOT expecting one since I’d just gotten Emily’s the day before.

To my shock, he told me there was a letter waiting for me at the house – and not just any letter, a letter in a BIG envelope. You know the one, the “Oh hello! I’m the bigger than normal Compassion envelope and I usually contain photos or special drawings just for you” envelope. I couldn’t wait to get home.

3 cans of tomato goodness later, I was able to check the my mail and found an answered prayer. When I opened the letter, I could immediately tell it was from Ecuador – every letter I’ve gotten from there (with the exception of the template letters) has been on the same blue stationary with a little boy and his dog praying at the bottom. After knowing my letter writing queen had been on a role I then assumed that the letter was from her.

It wasn’t.

Imagine my surprise to find an amazing letter from my handsome correspondent boy, Josué.

Josue, My Compassion International Correspondent Child

It’s been over 6 months since I’ve last heard from him – so long, in fact, that I called Compassion at the beginning of the month to see if everything was ok. They are currently doing a field check to check on why he hasn’t been writing. The awesome thing about this particular letter that he sent is that it was written on March 20 – Over 2 months BEFORE I asked for the field check. It makes me happy to know that this letter isn’t a “hey, you NEED to write your sponsor” letter, but instead is one that he, himself, opted to write.

In his letter, Josué says:

Hello dear Emily, I feel happy to read your letters, I’ve never received so many. I like to play baseball and my team is called “Liga del Sur.” Yes, I’ve baked cakes, of chocolate and pineapple and other flavors, I like to cook. We are in winter and it is raining a lot. Thank you for your sponsorship and for the photos. Keep praying for me and my mom. I am praying that you keep losing weight. I send you a hug,


When I called Compassion to check on JosuĂ©, I asked them if he had been receiving many letters, if he was accustomed to having his sponsor write to him. What they told me makes me so sad – and is the unfortunate reality of many sponsored children. Before I became his correspondent, JosuĂ© had received a total of 2 letters in 4 years. Only 2. And that explained so much. He wasn’t used to writing letters, he’d never had a sponsor that expected to develop a conversation with him. It was going to take time for me to get him to trust me, and believe me when I tell him I love him, that I’ll be here, waiting to hear from him, ready to encourage him and always praying for him.

But slowly, this 13-year-old boy (which also explains a lot) is starting to open up, to trust, and to share. Along with his letter, he sent 2 photos and a computer-drawn poster. The photos are of him and his baseball teammates. He’s easy to spot in the bottom photo – the second from the right. The top photo requires a bit of guess-work, but I think he’s in the middle, behind the girl with the #9 on her shirt.

Josué and his teammates

Google-translate tells me that the computer-drawing reads:

Hello dear Emily
it is very beautiful
to me command
I am praying for your family

Josue Computer Drawing

Clearly, I need to brush up on my Spanish, because that sounds slightly off – It’s the “Mando” part that is quirky. Anyone out there know a better translation?

Did any of you get any mail from your sponsored children this week? I love to read about it! I’m linking up over at Blogging for the Boonies today, and if you’ve gotten some mail you’d like to share, I encourage you to hop on over and link up, too! :)

4 thoughts on “My Ecuadorian Baseball Player

  1. Jill Foley says:

    I love that she sent the heart sticker back to you – my 18 year old boy in India did the same thing last month and it made me smile!!

    So sad about Josue – I have my own sad correspondent story from today. I’ll probably share it as a prayer request on my blog later this week.

    As for the translation, it’s not literal and google translates literally. It can also mean “It is very nice what you sent me. I am praying for your family.”


    • Emily says:

      Thank you for the translation! I knew there was something off – I can usually tell what it means, but I was unfamiliar with the verbs this time. I’m so glad you commented 🙂 I’ll be praying for your correspondent.


  2. Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies says:

    We have had Summer Rec in the mornings and VBS in the evenings, so I am just now getting to read through blogs. I love that you received a sticker back. That little sticker has a lot of miles on it now!

    I am always sad to hear about kids who have gone so long without letters. I’m thankful you are connected now and can encourage Josue!!


    • Emily says:

      It just broke my heart to hear he’d gone for so long without any encouraging letters! But I’m glad he’s starting to open up and trust me 🙂


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