Five Minute Friday: The Grace Dance

I’m joining the Gypsy Mama and her Five Minute Fridays. Rules are: for only five short, bold, beautiful minutes. Unscripted and unedited. We just write without worrying if it’s just right or not. Won’t you join us?

Additionally, Emily Freeman began hosting a weekly disscussion of her book, Grace for the Good Girl,  on her blog: Chatting at the Sky. And God took the opportunity to remind me that I needed  to participate in this. I needed  to finish this book… to hear this truth… to let go of my good-girl anxieties and give Him control.

So today, I’m combining my Grace for the Good Girl and Five Minute Friday Post. Enjoy!


It’s a tedious thing, this careful dance between shame and guilt. Tedious indeed, and will be my undoing.

I’ve said before, I’m not a graceful person. And although I longed to be a ballerina when I was small, it was not meant to be.

But, God had other dances in mind for me.

Ones that require me to feel guilt and act upon it – to not let it hide in the depth of my soul and fester into shame.

A dance where God leads and I follow.

One where I must depend on Him, and in that dependence, there is no other thing I can do to earn His Grace. His Love.

For He is Grace and He is Love.

And so, I take his hand relinquish control. I submit to His leading.

I find joy in the dance.



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4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: The Grace Dance

    • Emily says:

      Me too, Cathy! It’s nice to be able to just focus on my post for a short, set time and then turn it loose. 🙂 If you haven’t yet, you should check out link-up and join in 🙂


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