When a Massive Yard Sale meets the Recovering Good Girl

As you may have noticed, I missed posting my response to my readings in Grace for the Good Girl last week. (A few weeks ago, Emily Freeman began hosting a weekly disscussion of her book, Grace for the Good Girl,  on her blog: Chatting at the Sky. And God took the opportunity to remind me that I needed  to participate in this. I needed  to finish this book… to hear this truth… to let go of my good-girl anxieties and give Him control.)

Last Thursday, I spent the entire afternoon preparing for this:

Massive Yard Sale

Enter the MASSIVE Multi-Family Yard Sale that took over 4 hours to set up! (This is also how I spent my Friday – fortunately we got some much needed rain on Saturday – but unfortunately, that meant we had to quickly move all the merchandise into the shed and reschedule day 2 of the sale)

Needless to say, I was exhausted and in need of some major rest. So, I decided to unwind by making salsa to can Saturday afternoon and take a nap on on Sunday afternoon instead of catching up with my blog postings. My mind just couldn’t process the words.

And still, I’m afraid I greet you with a less than insightful response to the questions posted last week.

Do you struggle with the concept of worship in everything? In what ways are you beginning to see your living as worship?

I do struggle with the concept of worship in everything – It’s just so easy to compartmentalize worship into that time during the church service where songs are sung and praises made. If you were to say to me “Let’s go participate in the worship service today,” I would probably tell you I’m not much of a singer.

And yet, I don’t have to be. I can worship God simply by sitting here on my couch with my laptop perched on a card-table chair and typing these words to you. In fact, by you reading the words, we can be worshiping together – and never even have met.


Internally, there is a struggle between my small self and the truth.

There is worship in watering the garden? in waiting in line at the unemployment office? in putting a pot roast in the crock pot?

Yes. There is worship there.

There is worship in making the bed? preparing for the yard sale? paying the bills?

Yes. Even in paying bills there is worship.

Everything. Every single little thing is worship – if you let it be.

Just let it be.

 Therefore I urge you, brethern, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship” Romans 12:1

Did you catch that? Our whole bodies are to be a living example of spiritual worship. That means that everything we do with our bodies is done in worship. Be it watering the garden or paying bills. Simply by living we are worshiping.

And that is too cool.

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