When Prayer is All You Can Give

There are times when I face situations and my heart aches – yearning for me to take action – but my mind steps in, tells me the timing is not right, or more likely, that there is nothing I can do.

My mind is a liar, though.

There is always at least one thing I can do.

I can pray.

I can turn the situation over to God, who in His infinite wisdom and understanding can do so much more than I ever could.

God can take my prayers and intercede.

He can comfort, He can heal, He can protect, and He can provide.

He can where I can not.

And, as I sure as the very bones in my body, I know there is power in prayer.

So, I’m asking you to take a quick moment of your time – no more than 5 minutes – and join me in lifting up some children who desperately need our prayers.

Children looking for hope.

Children needing Godly love.

Children with futures as bright as the sun.

Children who WILL change lives.

Please take a minute and click over here and say a prayer for one of these precious kids.

Pray that God intercedes and connects them with a sponsor soon. Pray that they have a sponsor who sends lots of encouragement and hope. One that writes notes of care and love. But most importantly, pray that these kids fight off the lie of poverty and grow to believe that they matter  – that they WILL make a difference in the lives of others.

Thank you for your prayers. And if there’s a special child that has caught your eye as you pray, I’d love for you to share them in the comments so I can pray over them, too.

4 thoughts on “When Prayer is All You Can Give

    • Emily says:

      Hi Emily! You know, I’m so fond of that name 😉 I’m excited to learn about all the other Compassion Blogs that I didn’t know about – this blog month they’ve organized is great!


  1. Neritia says:

    What a wonderful reminder…when we think there’s nothing we can do…we can PRAY!
    I love that you’ve reminded me of this today!

    I’m new at blogging for Compassion – and slightly new at blogging….but I’m loving the fact that through Compassion I am “meeting” so many people who LOVE God!

    Great post!!


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