What a Difference!

This past month I joined up with Compassion International and a slew of other bloggers to participate in Blog Month. The goal was to see 3,108 sponsors connect with children eagerly waiting across the globe. And, I’m so very excited to see that not only was that goal met, but it was surpassed!

So thank you, dear readers. Thank you for reading along as I document my journey with Compassion. Thank you for taking a moment to pray for these precious children. Thank you for helping to connect them with sponsors. Because of you, 3,159 children will know hope. 3,159 children will be guaranteed a healthy meal, health care, and schooling. Thanks to you, 3,159 sponsors will have the opportunity to get to know and love a child thousands of miles away. Bonds will be formed. Hearts will be opened. God will move. God is already moving.

I’m also very humbled to hear that this post that I shared was chosen as one of the top three in its category. This post, the hardest to write, and even harder to click publish, is where I air my doubts. Where I question God. Where I ask him, Do you hear me? And where I find that amid all the questions, He does, without a doubt, hear.

And I am thankful, humbled, and honored to have been a part of such a month as this.

So again, Thank you for walking this road with me.

AND a very special CONGRATS!!! to Michelle at Blogging from the Boonies for connecting at least 54 children and sponsors, and thereby winning a trip with Compassion in 2013! I can’t wait to read about her journey next year 🙂


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