Let the Stuffing Begin!

This was the scene at my house last night:

A box full of goodies to send to precious children around the world!

This year is my second year to participate in Operation Christmas Child (OCC) and I feel much more prepared. (Last year I nearly waited too long to decide to fill some boxes)

But, this time, this time I learned that it’s much easier on me, my stress level, and my wallet! to slowly gather items over several months (hello after Christmas Sales, and after Valentines Day sales, Back to School sales, and just sales in general 😉 ) and store them in a large container in the closet. Last night I pulled out the container and got busy sorting the items into shoe boxes. I plan on doing a post like I did last year showing what’s in the boxes when I’m finished, but for now, I just wanted to pass  along a couple of quick reminders:

If you’re participating in OCC this year, don’t forget national box drop off week is quickly approaching – only 10 days away!

Operation Christmas ChildAlso, it’s worth nothing that if you’re planning on sending any candy with your boxes, please be sure it’s hard candy only (nothing that will melt on a hot summer day – i.e. chocolate). Finally, be sure to double wrap  any candy, crayons, and/or soap in separate in plastic baggies.

Now I’m off to get those last few items I need to finish out my boxes (read: reusable water bottles, small notepads, and a couple more boyish toys). Happy Friday!

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