I Found My Smile Hiding Out in the Mailbox

Hello Friends. I know it’s been quite a while since we’ve had a visit. What can I say? I totally dropped the ball on this blogging thing after participating in Nester’s 31 Days Challenge. Honestly, it wasn’t because I was burnt out, or tired of writing, but rather, it was so much easier to write when I knew what I was going to write about each day. The 31 Days gave me focus; they gave me a schedule; and they challenged me to be consistent with my posting. When October ended, I struggled to keep my momentum going. On top of that, life in my little corner of the world has decided to get super busy – as in I’m swamped at work and just want to come home and enjoy my family time instead of writing … sorry, sort of. I’m sorry I’ve left you hanging, but I’m not sorry for the family time 😉  I’m hoping to sit down over the Thanksgiving Holiday and create a plan for this space – one where I can have a schedule that allows for both writing and life living. 

Anyway, as I jump back into things today, I found a wonderful surprise at my mailbox – one that quickly brought a smile to my face.

My oldest Compassion Sponsor Child, Josué, has had his photo updated. I saw it update a couple of weeks ago in my online account, but I forgot that Compassion would be mailing me a hard copy of the photo, too. It was the perfect “boost” to my day.

I swear this boy is growing like a weed – just look how tall he’s gotten. I told my Dad that, and he looked at me and said, “How can you tell he’s so tall?” My response: “You’re kidding, right? Just look at him – He’s got to be at least 6 ft tall!”

Also, apparently skinny jeans are popular everywhere…..sigh.

I can’t wait to meet him next September – only 1 month and 9 days until registration for the Sponsor Tour to Ecuador opens, and clearly, I’m counting down the days.

Did you get any good mail today?



Also, today is the last day of national collection week for Operation Christmas Child. If you haven’t already dropped off your shoe boxes, you can click on the banner below to find a drop off location near you.

Operation Christmas Child

4 thoughts on “I Found My Smile Hiding Out in the Mailbox

  1. leida says:

    How excited you must be to finally meet him!
    When will today’s youth find a middle ground? Its either too baggy or too tight!! LOL!
    How about doing a weekly slow cooker recipe? At least if you dont write anything during the rest of the week there is a regular day of posting that can get you centered and focused. How about just a weekly post, a summary of your week, or plans for the week ahead. That is how I handle my journal, I commit to just one entry a week. Sometimes I do more, sometimes less, but I always write and it keeps me somewhat consistent. Just my humble offer of assistance. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. I am hosting this year and I am so excited!


    • Emily says:

      I am so excited! And I know, those jeans – sigh. Anyway, I hope your hosting of Thanksgiving went well! Thanks so much for the suggestions, I’m actually planning on doing a weekly “make-ahead meal” featuring either a freezer safe OR slow cooker recipe. And the idea of the weekly summary is great, too – especially with the busy holiday season. 🙂


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