WIP: Quilts by Christmas

It has been a flying mess of thread, fabric, and pins around my house the past couple of weeks. But what can I say, sewing currently makes me happy and helps keep me sane when I find myself in the middle of a stressful week of work, family obligations, and mind-clogging thoughts. In mid-September, I decided to make several quilts for gifts this Christmas – well, actually, only 1/2 of them are for Christmas. Two are for my Compassion Sponsored Children that I’ll be visiting next fall, one is a baby gift for a good friend of mine, and one is all mine; but I’m currently in the mood to quilt so I’ve set a goal to finish all of these by Christmas, or at least before my quilting mood leaves me.

The quilts that are destined to be Christmas gifts include one for my Dad, one for my paternal great-aunt, and two for my Mom’s reading nook in her classroom. (I’m sharing on the assumption that neither of my parents read my blog – which could be wrong. So, Mom & Dad, if by chance you are reading, I fully expect you to act surprised come Christmas Eve. Just so you know.)

WIP Quilt Fabrics

Over the past few weeks, I’ve purchased, washed, and ironed fabric for all but one quilt – which I’m planning to make out of pieces from my stash. Of the others, 4 of my quilt tops are made from fat quarter bundles, 2 are simple fleece throws, and 1 is purchased yardage.

I’ve completed 2 quilt tops – the baby gift and my own. For the baby gift, I used the “Hugs and Kisses” pattern found here. For my quilt, I sewed rows of equal-lateral triangles. I plan to make both of my sponsored kids’ quilts using the same triangle method.

I also finished both of the fleece throw quilts. These were a last minute addition to my quilt gifting list as I found the fleece on sale and bought it on a whim. Mom’s classroom is decked out in Peanuts stuff, so I know that these will fit right in. Both quilts are exactly the same, with the yellow/black zigzag on one side and the character collage on the other. I’m not a fan of tied fleece edges so I finished mine by sewing right sides together leaving a small gap to turn the whole thing inside out, then, once turned, I top stitched around the edge to create a sort of rolled border. It just feels cleaner to me.

I expect to post another update on my progress next week, and I’ll definitely be posting better pictures after Christmas with a full run-down of each quilt.



Today I’m linking up at freshly pieced and showcasing a few of my “Works in Progress.” I’m also joining Elise over at  Enjoy It and posting my quilting updates under #quiltsbychristmas on Twitter and Instagram.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced 

5 thoughts on “WIP: Quilts by Christmas

  1. Hez says:

    That’s how I do my fleece blankets too. Much cleaner. Working on a few projects for Christmas too, but struggling finding all the material I want. Did you by chance find your sale at Joann’s? I got super cheap fleece and flannel after thanksgiving.


    • Emily says:

      I know, right? The sewn edge fleece just seems to last longer. I actually found my fleece on sale at Hancock Fabrics, which is basically just like JoAnn’s, but not. 🙂 I find a lot of my fabric online, though, since my local Hancock’s has a small selection and a local monopoly on the fabric market (i.e. super high prices). I tend to only buy my notions and finishing items from them – but the fleece was on sale for a really good price and I just couldn’t pass it up 🙂


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