What’s in a letter?

What’s in a letter?

It’s such a loaded question. I mean, there’s the expected – almost school like answer: salutation, body, closure. And then there’s the deeper look – A greeting, a really message, emotional closure, life. Life is in a letter.

When I was 5 or 6 years old I longed to be the recipient of that glorious thing called mail. One summer, I even went as far as making my own mailbox out of a shoe box and setting it up outside my room. Every day, multiple times a day I would check that box hoping to find something, anything that was just for me. No letter ever came.

A few years later I went to a summer day-camp hosted by my Dad’s work. I met a pair of sisters that quickly became my main friends while at camp. After our week together, we decided to be pen pals. Real pen pals! I was excited to finally have people to write to, and quickly convinced my Mom that I needed  that new Lisa Frank stationary set to make my letters beautiful. We exchanged a few letters that summer, but then school started back and I found it harder and harder to think of something to write. I began to write less frequently. They began to write less frequently. And slowly, my first pen pal relationship died.

It would take several years and one major heartache for me to pick my letter writing back up.

And yet, when I did pick it back up, I found more healing than I could ever imagine. In the letters I found answers; I found peace; I found closure; but most importantly I found Hope an Love.

Today, I’m honored to have one of my letters shared on the Compassion International Blog.

Won’t you join me over here?

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