WIP: An Update on Quilts by Christmas

I must admit, I’ve slacked on my quilting the past week or so – that is, until I looked at the calendar and realized that if I don’t get my toosh in gear, I won’t have finished products to gift this year. Nothing like a looming deadline to motivate you!

Anyway, this past week I was able to finish the baby quilt for my good friend’s third child and first girl – exciting! I make each of her kids the same quilt (this pattern, but with different fabrics per child) as a lasting heirloom that they can call 100% their own. This particular quilt features two fabrics that were each used in her older brothers’ quilts (the fabric making the center-most X and the blue paisley border). Every time I make one of these it becomes my favorite. They are such happy quilts that I have such a hard time giving them away!

The Completed Quilt for my good friend's baby girl

The other project I’m actively trying to finish is a lap quilt for my great aunt. I went through my stash for these fabrics and was super happy to have pieces that coordinate. I decided early on that I wanted a chevron pattern, mainly because I knew the quilt would come together quicker with less piecing. Each chevron is made of half-square triangles, and the whole quilt uses roughly 198 triangles (I think). I’m still deciding if I like this layout, though. I may move some of the orange and stronger blue to make a more apparent diagonal chevron design. I really like how there are already some strong diagonals in the lighter orange and I’m pretty sure I’ve got enough of each color to carry that theme throughout… if that make sense. I have no idea what I’ll back this with, but I’ll let you know when I find something.

WIP Quilt for my Great Aunt


For the record, that makes 2 blankets and 1 quilt completely finished, 1 quilt ready to be backed and finished, 1 quilt cut and laid out ready to be sewn into a finished quilt top, 1 quilt working on getting its layout finalized, and 2 quilts waiting to get their pieces cut. Whew! Maybe I tackled too much….. surely not!

Until next time, Happy Sewing!


Today I’m linking up at freshly pieced and showcasing a few of my “Works in Progress.” I’m also joining Elise over at  Enjoy It and posting my quilting updates under #quiltsbychristmas on Twitter and Instagram.


WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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