A Southern Blizzard

Would you believe these photos were taken less than 24 hours apart?
When I went to bed last night we were smack dab in the middle of a blizzard warning. Lots of sleet, lots of snow, lots and lots of wind, and oddly enough – lots of thunder.
I had planned to make the 3.5 hr drive across the state to visit my good friend, Nikki, this morning- Mother Nature had other plans. After looking out the window, it became very clear that I would be going no where today.

We had so much snow that I couldn’t even get the front door open. When I did manage to get outside, my yardstick measured close to 13 inches – which is crazy for this area. I’ve never seen this much snow here. I mean, the schools all shut down when there’s 1-2 inches of snow – and now we’ve got close to 13! It’s bizzare.


Dad, however, decided he was going to try to make it in to work…. yep, despite the foot deep snow.

That lasted until he physically got out to his car and realized that, unless we did some serious snow shoveling, he was stuck. So he called in & we dug out the shovels – because like it or not, we both have places to be tomorrow.


We spent a good hour getting Dad’s car unstuck and clearing the back drive. Thankfully, we are now comfortably warm inside the house and thoroughly enjoying mugs of hot chocolate.

How you people up north manage with so much snow is beyond me. My whole town is closed today!

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