We All Need A Little Help from Our Friends

Saturday I set my alarm and woke up early instead of sleeping in. Jessica and I had plans; plans to form the stepping stones for my God-Sized Dream; plans to make plans, set goals, and define success. So, as much as I didn't want to, I crawled out of my warm bed on my day off.

And you know what? It was worth it. Jessica and I got way more accomplished that I would or could have ever gotten done on my own – because, let's face it, I'm not a good motivator of myself. Left to my own devices, I would have slept half the day away and spent the rest of my time 'researching' ideas on pinterest. Having Jessica keep me accountable has been tremendously helpful. She was the first person I shared my God-Sized dream with, and bless her, she jumped on board with me, giving me tons of support and sharing in my excitement. From the beginning, she's pushed me to go beyond dreaming and take tangible steps.

Saturday, we spent the better part of 5 hours brainstorming possible blog posts and setting goals. I made notes and sketches, and got even more excited. Jessica challenged me to answer tough questions and begin to define boundaries. She helped me sketch out a roadmap and assured me that I can get there.

Getting Jessica and other select friends/family on my support team has proved to be one of the best steps I could have taken. Jess & I are planning to meet regularly to report on progress and tweak ideas. And now, after all the preliminary work, I'm more excited to start implementing some of the plans we made this weekend. So, stay tuned, because I'm going to be premiering some super-fun content over the next few weeks!

Have you shared your goals with a friend? Do you have someone to keep you accountable & excited?


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