Reviewing Goals for January

I didn’t ever get these in their own blog post, but you may have noticed that my week 1 project life spread included a self-portrait with some goals. I got the idea from Elise & her “I choose” workshop on goal setting.

Each month, I’ll be setting 5 smallish goals desires that I will have the courage to test and hopefully complete. These will be attainable goals, things I want to accomplish, places I want to visit, experiences I hope to have, and sometimes even chores that need to get finished. By keeping the goals smaller in nature, I hope to build momentum & end up with a year where I not only made great memories, but made great strides toward my overall personal dreams as well.

In January, my goals were:

  1. To read 5 nonfiction books. I finished one and have the other 4 started. Nonfiction is tricky for me. Unlike fiction, I can’t just dive in headfirst and knock a book out in a day. Nonfiction requires me to slow down, to absorb the text, and to process it in relation to my life. So far I’m enjoying each of my book choices, and am planning to do a roundup post when I finish reading them.
  2. To consistently post on this blog. I’m doing better – trying to settle in to a 6-day-a-week schedule, but (as you can see by today’s post) the actual time of the day when the writing goes live has greatly varied  Overall, however, I’m seeing a big improvement from past months.
  3. To finish Dad’s quilt. Ok, so this one didn’t happen. It was my lofty, throw it on there and use that as motivation to actually finish it, goal. Clearly that didn’t work. I’m hopeful that it will get finished before Father’s Day, though. Since, you know, it was a Christmas gift and all.
  4. To find joy in the mundane. Project life has helped with this one and the next one so much. As for this, specifically, I’m making a conscious effort to appreciate the boring tasks in life and use them as a mental retreat. All to often I rush through the slow only to find myself in the stressful. By taking a moment to really enjoy the slow, the stressful becomes more manageable.
  5. To photograph more little moments. The thing about Project Life is I HAVE to photograph more little things, more everyday things; otherwise my spreads seem empty. Project Life forces me to look for beautiful, everyday moments to record – & I adore that about it.

Did you set any January specific goals? How did you do?


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