February Goals

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I’m setting monthly goals for myself. I was super inspired by Elise & her “I choose” workshop on goal setting. As she suggested, I sat down today and plotted out six main areas for my goals to fall under: creative, blogging, health, relationships, around the house, and financial. With those areas in mind, I’ve identified a few steps I can take this month to get me where I want to be.


~ to mail Josué’s birthday packet. His birthday is in April, so I need to get the packet together and in the mail this month to give it enough time to make it to Ecuador. (relationships)

~ to finish Dad’s quilt. for real this time. This has GOT to get done. (creative)

 ~ to better utilize the elliptical. As in, quit using it as a clothes rack and start using it as an exercise machine. If I’m going to be going to Ecuador in the fall – and I am – I need to get my cardio up now to deal with the higher altitude and loads of walking. (health)

 ~ to take my lunch more often. This is both for health and financial reasons.

 ~ to organize my sewing & scrapbooking areas. Let’s face it, I’m much more inspired by a clean space than a cluttered one. It’s time to re-sort and put away completed projects so everything has a home. (around the house)

 ~ to limit mindless purchases. Online shopping is a big money pit for me. This month I’m making a conscious effort to cut way back and put money into a savings account instead of a shopping cart. (financial)

~ cultivate online friendships with other bloggers. Because everyone needs more friends. (relationships & blogging)

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