Why, Even Though I’ve Completed My Formal Schooling, I’m Still Taking Online Classes


You, after nearly twenty years of formal education, I really thought I was done. over it. tired of school & classes & homework. And for a while, I was. After I completed my Master’s Degree I took a break. A breathed a sigh of relief and packed my notebooks away, destining them to sit on shelves or in boxes and gather dust. I was so tired of formal education. I was tired of pushing myself to meet my own, higher than healthy, expectations. I was burnt out – and mostly, I was tired of thinking. So I stopped. I settled in to a job, and completed my tasks only half awake.It wasn’t that I didn’t love the job, or that I didn’t give it my best, it’s simply that the creative in me, the life-long learner, the enthusiast, had checked out for a while.

Fast forward a couple of years: I now find myself looking in awe at a God-sized dream & realizing that there’s no way on earth I can accomplish it by myself. At the same time, I keep running into ads, blog posts, and reviews for several online workshops and classes. And I stop to think, maybe, just maybe, a class would help. I’m not talking about college courses or additional degrees – I’m talking about women, like you and me, who have harnessed their passions and packaged them into share-able, relate-able, teach-able  bites. I’m talking about courses that bolster creativity. Courses that examine the internal. Courses where there are no right answers and the process is more important than the outcome.

So I explored further, I did some research, and I found myself starting to get excited. And when that excitement hit, I ran with it and registered for four various classes/workshops. And I’ll tell you, they’ve been a huge blessing.


First, I signed up for Elise’s “I Choose” workshop through Big Picture Classes. I’ve been following her blog for a little over a year and love her process for documenting her goals. When I found out that was the focus of her workshop, it was a no brain-er for me –  especially now that I’m embarking on Project Life & my God-sized Dream of writing, setting & documenting goals that are both accomplish-able and motivational was a huge draw for me. Plus, the class was only $15 and is completely self-paced: which works for my wallet & my schedule.




Speaking of Project Life, I also signed up for Ali Edwards’ “One Little Word” class specifically to help shape the focus of my year and guide my documentation. While “One Little Word” is not specifically tied to Project Life, I’ve already found it extremely helpful as I put together my album. In a nutshell, “One Little Word” forces me to fully examine my guide word for 2013 (courage) and intentionally insert it into my everyday life. This class challenges me to not just have a guide word in theory, but to put it in practice. Each month Ali posts a new prompt that encourages me to think deeper about my word and how I can apply it to my life. This is the most expensive class I’ve registered for, but $36 boils down to $3 a month & lets face it, I spend more than that on one cup of coffee.




Finally, I’ve signed up for 2 (so far) classes/seminars from the Influence Network. According to their website, the Influence Network, “exists to make your online life mean something, to ensure that when you leave your laptop or put down your phone, you’re more inspired and encouraged to do what God has called you to.” I have not officially joined the network, mainly because for the time being I’m really only interested in their classes & the price of membership compared to the price of just the classes doesn’t make sense for me right now, but, that being said, the two classes I’ve participated in so far have been phenomenal. “Making the Most of Your Twenties” by Anne Bogel and “Writing Through the Seasons” by Annie Downs have really shifted the way I think about my writing & my long-term goals. Each class is only $10 and afterwards I was emailed a recording of the session to listen to again & again. I’m already checking out the class list for February.

Have you taken any new classes this year? Is there a class you would recommend to help reach long-term goals?


Each Monday I link with Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience & count my blessings. Blessings #86-106: Influence Network Classes, carpooling alone, mp3 CDs, chicken&dressing, safe drives home, blogsy, cell phone signal, sense of humor when I fall, not getting hurt when I fall, good night’s sleep, having LIbby to vent to, Nikki’s improving health, Steak Escape loaded fries, 5 o’clock Friday, Supportive friends, quick trips to town, breakfast for supper, productive afternoons, new recipes, days spent at home.

***Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this post – I just wanted to share some of the classes I’ve found helpful. This is not a sponsored post.

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