Yoga Newbie No More

My focus for February is to have the Courage to Learn: to try something totally new. For a while now, I’ve been wanting to try out a yoga class, but honestly, I’ve been really intimidated by it. The only yoga I’ve done has been at home, by myself, using the Wii fit workouts – and let’s face it, if you don’t know what you’re doing, those are only so helpful.

On a whim last Wednesday, I Googled local yoga classes. I found several of the gyms in the area had regular group courses – but honestly  the thought of being a newbie in a class full of gym regulars was enough to scare me away from that thought.

And then I came across a small, local yoga studio; Not a gym. I looked them up on facebook and found that their beginner class fit my schedule perfectly.YogaStudio

So I bit the bullet and went to my very first yoga session.

(I even painted my toes – that way, when it was super hard, I’d at least have cute toes to look at)


And boy, was the class was hard – my muscles are still sore. But I’m so glad I went.

The group was wonderfully small (as in only me and one other student which was amazing since I’m such a beginner) &. the teacher was great at explaining the poses and helping me modify them to fit my fitness level. The studio I went to was extremely welcoming & even provided mats/bolsters for students to use.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be adding this class to my weekly routine. Now to find my own supplies – I loved that the studio has mats and things for students to use, but I’d eventually like to have my own so (once I was confident in my form) I could practice at home between sessions.

Have you ever tried a yoga class? Have any advice for a newbie like me? Any tips to help me keep my hands from sliding down the mat?


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