Just Another Icy Thursday

To say today has been one of those days would be a gross understatement. So, instead of bogging down your feed with the multitude of stresses I encountered, let me instead share some of the beauty that arrived this afternoon in the form of an intermittent ice storm.

IcyMirror IcyLamp IcyBush

We had a pretty bad ice storm in my area in 2009, so now, even the mention of the “i” word sends people into a tizzy. Thankfully, today’s accumulation was fairly small and temperatures have already started warming up. By tomorrow I’m sure we’ll all be back to sweating ~ that’s Arkansas weather for you. Also, that first photo was totally taken in a parked car.

Happy Thursday!

One thought on “Just Another Icy Thursday

  1. Linda says:

    These are gorgeous, especially the second one! I love the way ice looks, we really haven’t gotten much of that here…even with the snow [I live in NYC]. I still need to post my snow photos though, I’m pretty behind!! Hope you’re back to warm weather soon, I know I can’t wait for it here!


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