Driving Around the Delta: A Look at My Day in Photos

First, a disclaimer: My work schedule has just gotten fairly crazy, and it looks like it might stay like that for a while. So, for the time being, I’m planning on publishing new blog posts at night instead of in the mornings. This gives me a bit longer to work on them and takes some of the stress away. Ok, now on to the fun stuff.


Today, I spent the better portion of the day driving around the Mississippi River Delta. It’s truly a unique part of the country & brimming with hidden gems. From seemingly forgotten rail lines to historic graveyards you can find culture everywhere you look.
DeltaCemeteryDeltaCropDusterDeltaWaterTowerDeltaPowerDeltaBuildingDeltaMemorialDeltaTrainAlso, farm-fresh eggs brighten any dreary day. Dad scored these from a guy he works with. When he came home, Dad hesitantly told me I might not like them. Why? Because they’re all different sizes and colors. Dad was expecting uniform brown eggs – I had to convince him that the different colors and sizes was completely normal. 😉



Happy Monday!

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