Quick & Quirky Dr. Who Tea Towels

Last weekend my friend Amber brought over some awesome Dr. Who themed fabric and we set out to make super fast, super fun tea towels.

Really, there couldn’t be a simpler thing to sew – just take a rectangle of fabric (whatever size looks like a tea towel to you) and hem all the edges. That’s it. Fast, easy, and a really fun, quirky pop to any kitchen!

Here are a few of my “process” photos:

DrWhoFabric1I started off by trimming the fabric to roughly 13″ x 25″ (with the exception of the calendar fabric – for that I just went with the printed design). I then ironed the fabric to make it easier to handle. DrWhoTeaTowlFirstHemFor the hem, I folded over and ironed 1/4″ of fabric on each side. No tricks or special treatment for the corners, just fold and iron. Watch your fingertips, though. I’m horrible about burning myself with these narrow hems.DrWhoTeaTowlMeetingCorner Once all four sides have been press-hemmed (totally making that phrase up, but hopefully you understand what I mean) You’ll need to fold each edge on itself again – essentially hiding the salvage or fraying edge in the fold.

DrWhoTeaTowelCornerDetailSewingDrWhoTeaTowel Once that’s done, just turn to your handy sewing machine and  DrWhoFabricFinal2DrWhoFabricFinal

Fabric from Spoonflower: Bad Wolf; Tardis; Calendar

 I thought I was burnt out on sewing for a while, especially after the marathon that was #quiltsbychristmas, but finishing these off in an afternoon has definitely re-lit my spark. I’m dreaming up some more sewing projects & have even placed some pretty big and fun fabric orders. Can’t wait to share them with you, so keep an eye over here for updates 🙂

Have you done any sewing lately?

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