Reviewing February’s Goals

Today marks the end of February and I don’t know about you, but I’m finding that hard to believe. I mean wasn’t it January just yesterday? No? Well it sure feels that way.

I actually surprised myself with how much I got accomplished this month. Looking back at my goals, I can cross several of them off the list – including a couple that I really thought were long-shots when I wrote them.


That’s not to say I finished everything on the list. In fact, the stuff that I thought was a no-brainer was actually the parts I struggled with. I didn’t take my lunch as often as I would have liked. I used the elliptical a total of once.  And the introvert in me came out in full force, preventing me for cultivating online blogging friendships as much as I hoped.

Yet, I did do some pretty rad stuff this month.


I took my first ever yoga class – and loved it!

I organized my sewing and scrap-booking area and now have a much more efficient space to work in.

I mailed Josué’s birthday packet.

And, the thing I’m most proud of, I finally finished Dad’s quilt top! I’m dropping it off to be quilted this weekend.


Dad's Quilt2

DadsQuilt1Of course, Shinobi wanted to help my photograph it…. until she notice the blinds were open.


But Whoooo! I finished! Now on to March! Do you have any goals you’re planning on reaching next month?


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2 thoughts on “Reviewing February’s Goals

    • Emily says:

      Thanks! I ordered the fabric from XO.gigi (they still have some of the green & some black in the same print, but it looks like the blue and white are gone.) It always seems so hard to find good man quilt fabric 🙂


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