March Goals

For each month in 2013, I’m consciously setting a handful of attainable goals for myself. Each goal falls into at least one of six main areas: creative, blogging, health, relationships, around the house, and financial. By focusing on these areas, and keeping my One Little Word at the forefront of my mind, it is my hope that 2013 will be both an amazing and super productive year.

Here’s what I’ve decided to accomplish in March:


~ to regularly attend yoga class. I am officially loving my yoga class and can tell it is making a big no huge difference in my stress level. This month I plan on making my attendance a regular weekly happening. (health)

 ~ to better utilize the elliptical. In late January, I found a local Hispanic center that offers conversational Spanish once a week. Classes start at the end of this month. I took Spanish in high-school and really enjoyed it, and I really want to brush up on my skills before going to Ecuador in the fall. Plus, let’s be honest, being bilingual is definitely a bankable skill in today’s economy (relationships)

~ to finish my triangle quilt. finishing Dad’s quilt has my motivation cranked way up on sewing projects. I’ve had the top of this quilt finished since before Christmas, but I’ve just been waiting to get a heavier batting before I finish it. I bought the heavier batting today and am excited to get this on check off my list. (creative)

 ~ to start preparing the straw bale garden. The straw bale garden was one of my favorite projects from last year. Dad and I are both still amazed at how much the little garden produced and how little work it seemed to require. I can’t wait to dig in again this year – pun intended. (This is both for health and financial reasons).

 ~ to let go of little things. This month I’m going to make a big effort to let little things that would normally bother me just roll. With work and a few other life-areas getting so stressful, I don’t need any other worries. (health)

 ~ to mail a few surprise care packages. I’ve been gathering small gifts for a few of my close friends for a while now, and really, I feel like it’s time to package those up and get them in the mail. Who doesn’t love surprise happy mail? (relationships)

Do you have any special goals for March?


3 thoughts on “March Goals

  1. Lizzie says:

    I love your goals, especially the Spanish one! 🙂

    Here are some of mine for March-
    -to keep my Inbox under 50
    -to write my Compassion kids twice before the end of the month (lately I have been falling behind)
    -to do the Wii Fit more, as that’s all the exercise I get 🙂


    • Emily says:

      Oh I need to make your inbox goal one of mine, too. It’s so easy to let email build up! Plus, I totally understand about the Compassion letters – I’ve got to get a few of mine in the mail, too 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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