May’s Intentions

For each month in 2013, I’m consciously setting a handful of attainable goals for myself. So far, it’s been pretty rad. I’ve yet to accomplish everything on my monthly lists, but more and more, I’m surprised at what I do get done. April was no exception – and, when I look back over the list, I can honestly say I managed all but 1…ok maybe 1.5 of them 😉

Anyway, if the trend holds true, then May will be stellar.

~ to taste the first garden-grown tomato. We’ve got tons of green tomatoes on the vine, and I’m anxiously awating the first red one. I cannot, I mean Can Not, wait to taste that sweet, home-grown deliciousness.

~ to get back to yoga. Oh how I’ve missed my yoga classes. I had no idea how much I’d miss them. I ended up not completeing my Spanish classes – due mainly to too much stress on my schedule, and honestly, I crave the yoga. My stress levels need me to get back on the mat, and when the new round opens at the studio, you can bet I’ll be signing up.

~ to eat more plants than animals. My Dad and I are both slowly working our way to a plant-based diet. Right now, specifically when we eat at home, we aren’t buying any more meat. I am using what we already have in the freezer/fridge, but after it’s gone, then that’s it. On that note, if you have any favorite vegan recipies, I’d love to hear them!

~ to leave work at work. I have a bad habit of getting stressed at work and then bringing that stress home with me – and that has to stop. It’s not good for my health (especially my teeth – hello TMJ) and honestly, it’s not good for my work. So it’s time to leave it all behind when I walk out the door.

~ to visit with friends in person. Winter turns me into a hermit… well, actually I’m mostly a hermit anyway, but cold, short days make me more of a recluse. Now that Spring is in full swing, and the days are *mostly* sunny, and I’ve got a few hours of light after work, I plan to get together with some of my closest friends more often.

~ to turn experiences into adventures. I’ve got a couple of work-related trips planned in May and it’s my goal to make the most of them; to enjoy the places I’m visiting; and to absorb the material I’m there to receive.

How about you? Do you have any intentions for May?

*sidenote: photo taken with iphone 4s, using timer cam app, processed in pic-tap-go app, and layered with text in ArtStudio app.


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