Research and Rest

Tonight, I’m jotting down lots of notes and feeling truly inspired after a coaching session with Compassion. Initially, I was very hesitant to get into the coaching, and honestly I still feel an urge to resist before every call – but, I have to say, I never walk away from a session wishing I hadn’t gone.

And as I sit here and review the call in my mind and imagine various possibilities, I can’t help but be reminded of a quote I found last week:


Imagination is the Highest for of Research. ~Albert Einstein

After several days on the road and away from home, when I really just wanted to crawl into my own bed and sleep till morning, I seriously debated canceling the coaching call. But, I had already missed a call 2 weeks ago when I forgot about it (oops!) so canceling really wasn’t an option. I decided to just make the call, go through the 30 minutes, and then go to bed.

Let me pause a minute and admit something else about my sessions, while I’m supposed to have a topic in mind for what I’d like to discuss with the coach when I call in, that rarely happens. Tonight was no exception – I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to talk about, and you know what? It worked out beautifully.

When my 30 minutes were up, I felt extremely accomplished and left with steps in place for an area that’s been stressing me, but that I rarely have time to think about – preparing for my trip to Ecuador, and more specifically, preparing my blog for my trip. Since I’ll be gone the first part of October, and I am planning to participate in Nester’s 31 days link-up, it was important for me to decide on a topic where I could pre-write the posts – and tonight, with the inspired help of Andrea, my compassion coach, I did just that. I’m amazed at how perfect it is and how much I’m already excited about it.

So now, as I unpack from my mini-trip to Hot Springs and prepare for bed, all I can do is imagine the paths that lie before me as a direct result of my coaching session. I have a long list of posts that I’m excited to write and schedule to run while I’m away, and better still, I’ve got the whole summer to write them! Which is less stress all the way around. I don’t have to worry about posting while I’m out of the country, you will still get great content while I’m away, and I can even allow my self a “re-entry” period after I return.

Tonight I’m doing some serious research – and I hope you are, too. Happy Thursday!

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One thought on “Research and Rest

  1. Yvonne says:

    I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who has been a little hesitant about the coaching calls! They have been amazing though, haven’t they. 🙂


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