Project Life: Week 22

ProjectLifeWeek22Left ProjectLifeWeek22Right

This week was another travel week for me. I spent Tuesday – Thursday at a conference/training for work – an honestly, it wasn’t the best week. PLW22hotel

The hotel was ok, but in a sketchy part of town. That being said, they had the weirdest room keys I’ve ever seen. You just held the key infront of a sensor on the door and the door opened. No swiping necessary – so weird.PLW22Plant

When I got back, my houseplant was in a dire state – even though I made sure to water it before I left. It did do a good job of summing up the mood of the week though.PLW22Detail

To add a bit more detail and journaling about the not fun week that I had, I stamped a “today is” stamp by Elise Cripe repeatedly on a Seafoam folding journal card. I added my details on the inside, and stuck a tab to the top so I’ll remember I can pull this card out in the future. Eventhough the week kind-of sucked, I really like how this journaling card turned out – and the fact that I have a record of a “bad” day. Not every day can be sunshine and daisies. PLW22tomatoes

On the up-side, there were tons of tomatoes ready for harvest when I got back, and Dad & I enjoyed some very yummy BLTs. PLW22jager

A few other highlights from the week:

  • Jager was happy to see me back home & made sure to let me know that he doesn’t appreciate me being gone so long
  • Dad and I nearly finished putting up the fence – all we lack is a 5′ section at the end.
  • Because this was a blah kind of week, the only embellishments I used were those round wood veneers on the card with Jager and a couple of stamps  – everything else is just journaling – and I’m surprised at how much I like this spread and how fast it came together. I don’t think I’ll abandon all my embellishments just yet, but every once in a while doing a very minimalist spread could be a refreshing break.

Supplies Used: All photos taken with iPhone 4s & printed at Walgreens and Walmart; Seafoam Core KitMonthly DividersLarge Paper Binder; Digital Seafoam Papers printed at Office Max; Amy Tangerine date stamp; orange washi,  from Target; “Today Is” and “This” stamps from Elise Cripe’s Stamp Shop (currently closed); wooden round veneers from Studio CalicoDesign A Page ProtectorsDesign J Page Protector; 3×4 Grid Journaling CardsFiskars Corner RounderZig Millenium Pen; staz-on ink; Stampabilities ink; & American Crafts slick writer.

***I get a lot of questions about the mini photo collages I use in my spreads. To make them, I use the frametastic iPhone app set to the postcard size. I take & process 100% of my photos using just my phone; and most of the time, I print straight from my phone to Walgreens via the Printicular app. 

Linked up with the Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday.

4 thoughts on “Project Life: Week 22

  1. Kelli says:

    I LOVE that selfie looking up! I’m totally going to be scouting for mirrored ceilings now! And I’m really impressed at how you were able to record a tough week. That “Today Is” card turned out really cool.


  2. Cerise says:

    I’m sorry you had a bad week, but I really love how you used Elise’s Today stamp to document it.
    Your tomatoes look great! I can’t wait till mine are ready to pick.


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