Around Here

It’s been sort of a mad house around here as I prepare for my trip (just over a month away!), move offices at work, plan for a new year in Awana, and spend some quality family time at home. With all the busy-ness, I’m also transitioning to a slower blogging schedule. I’m aiming for 3 posts a week instead of 6. Please bear with me as I try this out and attempt to find that perfect balance for my life right now.


As far as my Ecuador trip goes, the packing has begun – and you see that smallish black rectangle in the top right corner? It’s the space for my stuff (clothes, cosmetics, hygiene essentials, etc.) Yep, the rest is full of gifts. I’m packing light and tight over here folks. Light and tight. More process posts to follow, for sure.


My Dad and I had a fantastic movie night this weekend. Seriously, if you’re looking for some good films, check out “42,” “The Sapphires,” or “Olympus has Fallen.” All are amazing.AwanaList

Finally, I’ve been sorting first graders into handbook groups for Awana. I’ve taken on a Director role at church this year, and it’s a lot of front end work with huge back end payoffs.

Basically, I’m busy. Super busy. But it’s so worth it.

How’s your week going, so far?

4 thoughts on “Around Here

  1. Amanda says:

    I just got back from a Compassion trip to Ecuardor with my church! It was amazing. We went to Rocafuerte (EC-513) and I was also able to meet my sponsored kids, one fro EC-429 and one from EC-513.


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