Project Life: Weeks 41-44

I’m playing major Project Life catch-up with this photo-heavy post. Fair warning.ProjectLifeWk41to4301 ProjectLifeWk41to4311Here, we’re looking at weeks 41-43, or the entire month of October.

ProjectLifeWk41to4304ProjectLifeWk41to4316I used numerous card-swap cards in these spreads, especially the fall-themed ones I received from the last instagram coordinated swap I participated in.

ProjectLifeWk41to4307ProjectLifeWk41to4309There are also two inserts throughout these weeks. One for quilt #6 and one for my trip to the Compassion Experience.

ProjectLifeWk41to4308ProjectLifeWk41to4310 ProjectLifeWk41to4314ProjectLifeWk41to4317All in all I a big fan of how these spreads turned out – and an even bigger fan of the fact that they are completed.

ProjectLifeWk41to4312 ProjectLifeWk41to4313Hopefully you’ve done a better job than me of keeping up with how you’re documenting 2013. I’m definitely planning on continuing to use the Project Life system to document my 2014, but will be adjusting the way I share my layouts on the blog. By far, that’s my least favorite part of the process. At this point, I’m just hoping to get the rest of 2013 shared on here before 2014.


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