Project Life: Weeks 45-48

Ok, so I decided that in order to close this year’s project life and begin with a fresh sharing strategy for 2014, I’m just going to post some highlights from weeks 45-52 (This post covers the majority of November – weeks 45-48).ProjectLIfeWks45to501During week 45, I attended a training on developing grant applications, internally audited all of our projects at work, and took new headshots for the office’s annual report. (No photos of the headshots because I haven’t gotten them printed yet – but let me say, they are 1000x better than last year.)

ProjectLIfeWks45to502Week 46: I flew to Baltimore for the Grant Professionals Association’s yearly conference. The best part: the National Aquarium and Dance of the Holy Ghosts performed by Centerstage.

ProjectLIfeWks45to505Week 47: I got the nicest note from Amy on facebook regarding the quilt I gifted her and her son. I also took Dad to his hip doctor to find out when he can get surgery to repair his worn-out bushing. (Surgery set for March – prayers appreciated)ProjectLIfeWks45to506ProjectLIfeWks45to504ProjectLIfeWks45to503Week 48: Thanksgiving, where I didn’t actually do much for the holiday, but did spend Black Friday at a John Mayer concert with Nikki. We determined that we are not concert people, but are definitely foodies – especially since we’ve used concerts as an excuse to get together and try new restaurants twice now.

For those of you creating your own project life albums, how are your layouts coming along? I’d love to see how you share your spreads as I figure out how I want to revamp these posts for next year.

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