Curate 2015: Capsule Wardrobe Part 2


It has been a bit over a month since I did a serious edit on my wardrobe and filled two giant tubs with clothes that I no longer wore. Clothes that, while perfectly fine, were not comfortable or attractive to me. I cleaned out dresser drawers, emptied closets, and found room to breathe. I’m by no means finished with this process, but rather, have realized that it is just that: a process. I had high hopes of diving in and completing this task cold-turkey – but you know something? It’s tiring – and a bit scary.

The clothes that I have narrowed down to are my favorites, and limiting them further makes me a bit nervous – even knowing that I’m not getting rid of any of them, but saving them for another season makes me a bit antsy. Plus, I hate to do laundry. I HATE IT. Actually, I hate the having to put laundry away part. And knowing that having less in my closet means I’ll be doing laundry more often is not a positive in my book….This has led to me buying more clothes to keep from having to do laundry as often – which, in turn, led to having to put up wayyyy more clothes when I did do laundry. Vicious cycle. But, I’m keeping my eyes on the final product and pushing through. So far, I have successfully limited the number of new clothes I’ve purchased (as in I haven’t bought any), and have a system in place for continuing the reducing process. I’ve spent the last 2 months trying out my limited wardrobe, determining which pieces that I love actually love me. This has been most helpful in the shoe department – considering I adore a beautiful shoe, but have no use for one that I cannot wear comfortably at work.

And, because I realize the truth in the quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery that states “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” I’ve laid out my action steps for completing the wardrobe overhaul below. 

  1. Define Seasons.
  2. Limit everyday clothing items to 50 or less per season. This number should include: dress shirts, dress pants, coats, blazers, and shoes. This does not include workout clothing, weekend clothing, or pajamas. For Weekend Clothing I’ll be doing a mini-capsule wardrobe “add-on” since the majority of my time requires me to be in business casual attire. This mini-wardrobe will be limited to 10 items including jeans, t-shirts, and casual shoes.
  3. Store out-of season items out-of sight to avoid temptation
  4. Enjoy the simplicity

Ok, so written out like that it doesn’t look bad at all. In fact, with so few steps, I’m almost ashamed to even list them. I know that the big step will be #2, but I also know that if I can get through that one, I’ll be set. In fact, it’s actually where I’ll be starting this week. I’ve already defined my seasons, I just hadn’t put it in writing…until now. My four seasons will flow like this: December-February, March-May, June-August, September-November. By grouping the months in this manner, I’ll be keeping similar weather patterns together, and reduce the likelihood of dipping into other seasons for wardrobe items.

It’s my goal this week to get that March-May batch sorted and see if I have any gaps in foundation items. It’s all a numbers game now: how many pants do I have? How many shirts do I need? How many over pieces do I need (blazers, sweaters, etc.)? Which shoes go with the resulting outfits? Am I missing anything to be able to wear these clothes (slips, camisoles, etc.)?

It will be nice to be able to start using my wardrobe at the beginning of a season, and I look forward to sharing how well it’s working.

To my fellow Capsule Wardrobers, did you have difficulty starting the process?

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