Ribbon Tag Baby Quilt

Several months ago a good friend of mine sent me a facebook message asking if I could make a ribbon tag quilt for her newest daughter. I immediately said yes, and began searching through my fabric stash for coordinating fabrics. This quilt would quite literately be a sister quilt to the Self-Sashing Quilt I made a couple of  years ago.

This time, I opted for the bright versions of the fabric, laid out in an off-set brick pattern. The piecing went very fast, but the ribbon tag border turned out to be trickier than I expected. I ended up putting the quilt aside for several months before finishing the edge.

When I finally picked it back up, I powered through – but I’m still not 100% certain it was bound the best way. For the edging,I used 5 different ribbons, in varying widths – each cut to approximately 8 inches in length. I folded the ribbons in half, and spaced them about 2.5 inches apart. I ended up just turning the edges under and running a hem all the way around the border. Matching the edges and making sure I got each ribbon secure took much longer than I wanted.

For the quilting, I just stitched in the ditch along the brick rows. All in all, I’m really happy with how it turned out- and so is the recipient, though I’m not sure I’ll be making another one of these anytime soon.

Have any of you made a Ribbon Tag Quilt? Is there a better way to finish the edges?

Fairy-Tale Mini Quilt

I’m finally making some headway on all the mini-quilt swaps I signed up for back in the Spring – and have seriously limited myself on any new swaps I sign up for (too many swaps means too little time to finish a well-crafted quilt). Anyway, today I’m sharing a look at a quilt I made for a Fairy Tale Themed Quilt. With this one, I had a last-minute partner switch, and consequently had to adapt my plan fairly quickly. My original partner was keen on Snow White and I had these grand plans of using this block as a center and adding a border of Lori Holt’s apples. But, that went out when I got a new partner. Thankfully, I’m a procrastinator, and I hadn’t gotten past the planning phase when they switched. I would have hated to have made the Snow White Mini only to find that my new partner was not a fan of Snow White. FairyTaleMini_ - 2

My new partner was, however, a big fan of Alice in Wonderland, and immediately I thought about making a cake-themed mini with the “eat me” tag so indicative of Alice. I made the tag with my embroidery machine, and busted out some of my favorite fabrics (including that Wee Wander Mason Jar Print) for the cake layers. FairyTaleMini_ - 3

I finished it all with some 1/2″ matchstick quilting, a bit of ribbon to “tie on” the tag, and some pink bias tape for binding. All in all, I’m super pleased with how it turned out, especially considering it was a plan “B” quilt.

FairyTaleMini_ - 1

How about you, are you involved in any swaps this summer?


Helen Angela’s Duffel Bag

HelenDuffel_ - 2

Just like I did for my Ecuadorian kids, I made Helen Angela a duffel bag that matches her quilt. I started by using this pattern and leftover fabric from her quilt. Since it had been a couple of years since I’d made Helen’s quilt, and I didn’t do so great of a job keeping the scraps, I did have to supplement some of the duffel bag fabric with coordinating colors (especially for the lining). But man, I LOVE this pattern, and I LOVE the bags it makes. I love them so much that I’m picking out fabrics to make one for myself. 

HelenDuffel_ - 1

All in all, the bags are much easier to make than expected, and extremely useful. Plus, they hold way more than you’d think (with a pocket on each end and a trolley sleeve in the middle), and are a breeze to carry through the airport – and to cram into overhead bins. This duffel is perhaps the most patch-worked one I’ve made thus far, and while the patchwork takes forever to piece – think giant jigsaw puzzle where you don’t really know what the final picture is supposed to be, but you do know the size – I think it might be my favorite one yet.  I packed all of the clothes I took Helen in her bag, and she was ecstatic to receive it. I’ll be sharing more about what I took Helen and our day together in the coming weeks, but until then:

What fun things have you made lately?

Spring Fling Mini Quilt

Just before I left for Ecuador, I finished up this pretty little quilt for another one of the mini-quilt swaps I signed up for through instagram. This time, the theme was Spring, and my partner had requested bright, non-pink colors. It took me a while to decide on a pattern, but once I did, it all came together in a matter of hours.SpringFlingMini_ - 1

I started by searching my pinterest board for mini-quilt inspiration. When I came across this pin, I knew I had the winner. Using Lori Holt’s book Quilty Fun, I followed the instructions for her tulip row and modified it to include 5 tulips instead of 11 – the perfect size for a mini-quilt. a From there, I searched through my stashed fabric for bright, spring colors that did not include pink – which was harder than I thought it would be. I settled on a couple of yellows, oranges, greens, and purples. SpringFlingMini_ - 2

I backed the quilt with a minimal daisy-like printed fabric that also screamed spring w/out being overly pink, and added my “label” written at the bottom of the bright oragne binding. For the quilting, I thought it would be fun to try out a raindrop pattern that’s been floating around in my head for a few weeks.  All in all, I absolutely love how it turned out – and completely wanted to keep it for myself…which, I have learned, is the sign of a project well-done.

SpringFlingMini_ - 3What fun projects have you been working on lately? I’ve got a couple more quilts/quilting projects I’ll be sharing in the next few weeks as I prep for Peru – some new ideas and some old. I can’t wait to share them all with you. And I’d love it if you link to your own projects and let me see what goodies you’ve been crafting.

Rainbow Mini Quilt

Several months ago, after, I had finished my first Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt, and had tons of rainbow half-square triangles leftover, I came across a rainbow themed mini quilt swap on instagram. I knew it would be the perfect project to use up all those stray HSTs, and immediately signed up to participate. Before I even had a partner assigned, I laid out the triangles in diamonds of cool vs warm colors, and created a large accent diamond in the upper left corner. All in all I think the quilt top itself took me just over a couple of hours to complete. IMG_1122
Which means that my entire quilt probably took 4-5 hours? But I’m a procrastinator and didn’t quilt/bind it until the very last minute – and I’m pretty sure it hit the mail a day or two later than it should have. This quilt was made completely with fabric from my stash – which makes me smile. I’ve actually done much better than I thought I would when it comes to purchasing fabric this year. Other than notions and specialty weight fabric (like the canvas used for the duffel bags) I’ve stayed away from the fabric stores. Slowly but surely I’m making a dent in this stash and cleaning out some room to breathe.


To quilt this one, I stuck to a large diamond pattern. And, funny thing, the top turned out to be the exact size of a fat quarter – so that’s what I backed it with. I really love how it all turned out, and am so glad that my partner loved it, too.


Right now, I’m finishing up several more swaps (I got a little swap happy back in January and signed up for a TON) – so I’m sure I’ll be sharing more mini-quilts soon. But until then, have you participated in a quilt/craft swap? I’d love to see your project!


52 Quilters


Back in January I came across a call-out on instagram (where you can always find me – I swear I’m addicted to it!) for bloggers who quilt and jumped at the chance to participate. It’s been on my “big goal” list for several years now to guest-post at least 6 times on various blogs in the course of a year, and so far, I haven’t been able to reach that goal. Specifically, this project looks for 52 different quilters – aiming to highlight one a week for the entire year. The 52 quilters blog tag explains it best. This is “a social experiment in quilty communication and collaboration. Discover a virtual patchwork of quilters throughout 2015: each week a new quilter will take over the 52Quilters twitter, blog and instagram. The goal of this project is to document the collective crafted life of quilters.”

There was an overwhelming response to the call, and I wasn’t sure I’d make the cut, but I’m so excited that I did. And when signing up for weeks to host and share, I though what better week to take a look at my life than when I’m flying to another continent?

So today, while I’m enjoying the splendor of Ecuador, I’m also posting over here. Won’t you join me?

StashBee 2015: March Block


This past October, I signed up to participate in a year-long quilting bee in an effort to grow my sewing skills and continue to use some of the fabric in my stash. The appropriately named StashBee2015 is quite different from the last quilting bee I participated in. This time, each bee member is responsible for posting once a month on the bee’s blog, sharing their selected tutorial on their assigned month, and posting progress photos on instagram/flickr. (You may have seen my instagram photos of the block I made for March yesterday.) Today, I’m sharing my March Block over at the bee’s blog.

Won’t you join me over here?